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Bach Range

Dr Arthur Bailey made up the full set of the 38 Mother Tinctures, as created originally by Dr Bach. These 38 essences were made using the same methods as used by Dr Bach. They are preserved in Organic Brandy.  

The Stock Bottles that are available now from Yorkshire Flower Essences , are made by hand in the Bailey Essence production room, with Organic Brandy, following Dr Bach's methodology.  The Set comprises 40 bottles of 10ml Stock Essences: one of each of the 38 Bach Essences, plus two bottles of the 'For Shock and Emergencies' combination. 

Many other sources of detailed information on the Bach Essences are available, including: 

Bach Flower Remedies, Form and Function  Julian Barnard, 2002
The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step  Judy Ramsell Howard, 1990
The Bach Remedies Repertory  F.J. Wheeler, 1952 and of course the Collected Writings of Edward Bach, Bach Educational Programme 1987

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