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About Flower Essences

A flower essence is a catalyst for change.

There are times in life where you may feel something needs to change. Sometimes it is clear what is causing that, sometimes it is difficult to identify both the feeling and its root. You may experience a desire to redefine what is “normal” for you by either accepting or making a change.

This is an opportunity to reflect on and manage your emotional wellbeing, using your inner wisdom and understanding of yourself.

The crucial part is to look within to ask what it is that you would like or seek to change. This may lead to identifying unwanted and detrimental emotions, which may be short lived or long standing. In either situation, this can create a vision of how you would like to understand, accept or move on from those feelings and what that could be like.

From here, you can browse the essences that reflect your emotions and choose one that suits you best. Taking that essence on a regular basis can enhance your vision, increase your understanding and help you to move forwards.

Flower and vibrational essences are liquid drops that bring the healing properties of nature to help on your path to optimum emotional health.

Let your mind be still, for the wisdom you seek is like that butterfly over yonder. If you try to catch it with your intellect, it will simply fly away. On the other hand, if you can still your mind, someday, when you least expect it, it will land in the palm of your hand.

Sydney Banks