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Essence Sets

We have carefully selected and boxed our sets of essences for practitioners, enthusiasts and collectors.

Bailey Sets – A full set of single essences for the practitioner ( 101), a Standard Set of the most used essences (60), a Starter Set combining single and composite essences with illustrated cards (15) , and a set of Composite Essences (20).

Bach Set – A full set of Bach Essences, from mother tinctures made by Dr Arthur Bailey and using the same methods as Dr Edward Bach (38 plus 2 Shock and Trauma essences).

Verbeia Set – A full set of 7 Verbeia Moorland Essences in a fabric wallet.

Scintilla Sets – A full set of each range of Scintilla Essences. Our first range was specifically designed for and trialled by animals. A new range for the workplace is currently on trial and more will follow.

Five Elements – A full set based on the five elements which each represent different emotions, physical tendencies, times of year, and behaviour patterns.