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About Geopathic Stress

About Geopathic Stress – by Dr Arthur Bailey


Geopathic Stress

We are surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies from our phones, computer, tablets, and the ever present Wi-Fi.  There is mounting concern about the health effects of this exposure.

What is geopathic stress?
The word geopathic comes from two Greek words: geo meaning ‘of the earth’ and pathos, meaning ‘suffering’ or ‘disease’.

Geopathic stress is caused by ‘radiations’ which emanate from some underground streams, mining disturbances, rock faults and energy ley lines. The specific nature of these radiations is at present unknown but they can affect the buildings that we live and work in, adversely affecting our immune systems. By far the most common source of these negative earth radiations is from underground water flows.

How can it affect us?
Geopathic stress has been linked to many serious and long-term illnesses. It is not thought to cause illness directly but can have a detrimental effect upon the immune system, making sufferers more susceptible to illnesses. Existing problems can also be exacerbated. The effect can be instant, for example after moving into a different house, but is usually more gradual, with a slow deterioration in health. Disturbed sleep patterns are common, along with tiredness, headaches and feelings of fear and depression. Many sufferers say that they cannot explain the exact feeling but that the atmosphere at home or at work feels depressive or ‘not quite right’. It has been shown that some electrical equipment may be adversely affected by geopathic stress.


The Geopathic Stressbuster

What does it do?
The geopathic Stressbuster transforms and neutralises Geopathic Stress and other negative energies. It is effective for approximately 50 feet (15 metres) in all directions (the equivalent of 4 floors up and 4 floors down, ie, 9 floors). It also reduces the effects of electro-magnetic radiation within the building.

Why was it made?
The first Bailey Stressbuster and Space Harmoniser was designed in 1999 by the late Dr Arthur Bailey. Dr Bailey was a past President and Scientific Adviser to the British Society of Dowsers and retired Senior Lecturer in Electronic Circuit Design at Bradford University. He spent over 40 years researching the phenomenon of Geopathic Stress and using rods in the ground to neutralise it. He designed the geopathic Stressbuster because he sometimes found that underground streams changed their course leading to a need to re-neutralise with rods in a different place. Over the years, the design has been steadily improved and it has become one of the most powerful and effective devices available.

How does it work?
Four different complex electronic waveforms are magnetically coupled into a pure quartz crystal at very low frequencies. Two of these frequencies are at approximately the natural resonant frequency of the earth. The crystal is simultaneously optically pulsed with visible light. This activates the crystal’s harmonising properties creating a subtle energy field, which neutralises the negative geopathic energy. In other words the negative energy is neutralised by the energy field created by the Stressbuster’s energised quartz crystal.

Does it help with electro-magnetic stress, mobile phones and substations?
Electro-magnetic radiation from power lines, pylons, substations, mobile phone masts and even computers can also have a detrimental effect upon health. Our tests show that Geopathic Stress can make sufferers more susceptible to other stress related conditions and influences. Although it is not the primary purpose of the device, removing Geopathic Stress using a Stressbuster will automatically lower your stress threshold and increase your resistance, making you much less susceptible to the effects of Electro-magnetic radiation ( take out the link here) and other negative influences.

Does it have a guarantee?
The Stressbuster is fully guaranteed against failure and manufacturing defects for a period of two years, but if you are unhappy with your unit for any reason, we offer a full money-back guarantee, providing that the unit is returned to us in perfect condition, within 6 weeks of purchase.

How big is it?
The Stressbuster is 110mm square at the base and is approximately 115mm high. Please note that the crystals are hand-cut and may vary in shape. The base is made from wood taken from a sustainable source. A Stressbuster will deal effectively with Geopathic Stress. However if there are other underlying problems, purely using the Stressbuster will not “make you better”. Please see Helpful Tips on getting the most out of your Stressbuster below.

Where is the best place to put it?
The Stressbuster is best placed in the area where the disturbances are most obvious. However, because the positive energy field it generates has such a large radius, it does not necessarily need to be inside the room with the problem. Some people prefer not to have it in their bedrooms because of the gentle pulsing light it emits and so we often suggest it is best placed in a central hallway or living room. We also recommend that you place it about half-way up the house and leave it in the open (as opposed to hiding it in a cupboard).

Which setting should I use?
The final version of the Stressbuster has optional settings. The switch on the side of the unit changes the light from blue to white. The white light works best in some cases, and the blue one works better in others. Some people have found that switching from blue to white fairly regularly works best. We recommend starting with blue and switching to white if no effect is felt within one week. The dial on the side of the unit increases the power. In mild cases, the power may only need to be set at 1, whereas in severe cases, it could be increased to 10. We suggest starting at 5 and adjusting it as works best for you.

How do I look after my Stressbuster?
The Bailey Stressbuster needs no maintenance. There are no user-serviceable parts inside and so the case should never be opened*. Please take care when handling the pyramid because it contains a quartz crystal that will not withstand being dropped or a heavy blow. We do offer a repair service should you drop it by accident. *Opening or tampering with the unit will invalidate the 2-year warranty.

How long does it take to start working?
The Stressbuster will begin working immediately, although the effects may take a while to be felt. In some cases, it may take a few weeks for all the residual stresses to dissipate.

What if I feel worse?
Very occasionally, someone may feel worse before they start to feel better. This initial worsening of symptoms is termed ‘aggravation’ or ‘healing crisis’ and it happens because your body is getting rid of the stress that has accumulated over time. If this happens, then it is recommended that the power setting of the Stressbuster is reduced for a week or two to minimize the feelings of discomfort.

I don’t think it’s working, what should I do?
Check that a gentle light can be seen flickering through the pyramid. If it is, then the Stressbuster is working. If not, please contact us and we will arrange for you to return the unit for either repair or refund.

I don’t think I feel any different.
See below for helpful tips on getting the most out of your Stressbuster. If you still have any problems, we will give a full refund (less £6.50 postage) on the product if it is returned to us within 6 weeks of purchase, in perfect condition and in its original packaging. If you have the latest model, try changing the settings.

Recycling of waste electronic equipment.
Due to new regulations on the disposal of waste electronic equipment, the Bailey Stressbuster must not be thrown away. If you have finished with your unit, please contact us and we will send pre-paid instructions on how to return it to us for proper disposal.