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Our Story

This is the story of a perfect match made in the beautiful spa town of Ilkley in West Yorkshire.


Over 50 years ago, Arthur Bailey began making his range of over 100 Bailey Essences.

Some years later, local Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner, Jenny Howarth began making her range of Verbeia Essences, sourced from the famous Ilkley Moor and named after the Celtic Goddess of Wharfedale. Jenny made contact with the Bailey family to advise them of her new venture.

When Arthur died in 2008, his wife Chris and daughter Becca continued to produce the Bailey Essences. They approached Jenny in 2016 with the idea of her taking over the production, and Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd was created to oversee both Bailey and Verbeia Essences.

Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd is owned and managed by Jenny Howarth and fellow local Homeopath, Nicky Whitehead. They have been colleagues and friends for many years, both offering complementary therapies from Ilkley Complementary Therapies.

The company still produces Bailey Essences in Ilkley, in the same way as they have always been produced by Arthur and his family. It also produces the Verbeia range of essences and bodycare, offering the energy of Ilkley Moor to help you through the day.

Since its inception, Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd has been developing a new range of essences, Scintilla – the name representing the tiny spark providing a catalyst for change, the purpose of our flower essences. The first set of Scintilla Essences has been tailored for and trialled for animals and was launched in May 2017 at the World Animal Energy Conference. There are more to come! 

Jenny and Nicky welcome you to Yorkshire Flower Essences and hope you will enjoy browsing our products and choosing which suits you best.

With our best wishes.