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Conifer Mazegill

Conifer Mazegill

  • £1200

For sudden, irrevocable changes in our lives. Continually activates energies of positive change.

Gloeophyllum sepiarium
Made with the sun method using a piece of the fungus and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60

This essence is made from a beautiful bracket fungus that lives on dead conifer wood.  It is for sudden, abrupt and irrevocable changes in life caused by personal traumas such as bereavement or divorce, or major natural disasters such as earthquakes, when the old has to die and be replaced by something new.

The properties of the Conifer Mazegill essence mirror those of the fungus itself, converting the dead wood of the past into new growth of a different form. It is deeper-acting than the Shock & Trauma composite.

At such traumatic times the best form of treatment would be to start taking the Grief composite and Shock & Trauma as well as Conifer Mazegill. After the initial sting has been taken out of the situation, Conifer Mazegill should then be taken on a continuing basis, perhaps for several months.

This will help to ensure that the energies of positive change are being continually activated and that we do not become trapped by old energies and memories.

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