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Cyprus Rock Rose

Cyprus Rock Rose

  • £1200

For deep terrors and fears that are difficult to expose and resolve. More powerful and deeper-acting than the common Bach Rock Rose.

Fumana arabica
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60.
Cyprus Rock Rose is also a component of Water Deficient.

This is for deep terrors and fears that are difficult to expose and resolve. It is more powerful and deeper-acting than the common Rock Rose used in the Bach remedies.

This yellow flower, which grows in Cyprus is for the deep terrors that we often feel unable to look at, terrors that may well disturb our dreams This essence allows us to distance ourselves from whatever is producing those terrors. We can then look at what is disturbing our lives without getting emotionally entangled with the energies involved. It is rather like letting the genie out of the bottle whilst making sure that we do not suffer as a consequence.

It is very appropriate for those who are feeling suicidal, who are facing the abyss and feel that jumping into it is the only way out of their difficulties. It is for people terrified of their inner demons, those hidden forces that may dominate our lives from time to time. It is as if this flower says,

"Stop - detach yourself from all your terrors and fears and spend a little time gathering together all you have learned in this life, all your wisdom and all the positive aspects of yourself. In that insight you will discover that your hidden aspects are only fearful because they have been in the dark".

The shining sunlight of the Cyprus Rock Rose brings illumination to all the dark places that have held us in states of fear or terror. This flower helps us to pause and gently take stock of our present situation.

Into that pause, the energies of the flower start to create a protected environment for us restart our lives in a much more positive way.

Into that protected space come whispering voices from angelic beings with messages of love, support, learning and insight. It is rather like the story of Dick Whittington when he heard the voices saying, "Turn again Whittington - Lord Mayor of London".

However deep our fears or terror, this flower can help us, even when all seems lost. At such times we may look longingly at the jump into oblivion. Yet such a view is a delusion. The human spirit does not die - it cannot die - that is an image created by our time-bound ego.

This flower dissolves the precipices of the mind, and shows instead a gentle slope leading down and forwards into a beautiful landscape covered with bright yellow flowers. Yes, we leave the past behind irrevocably, but it is to a golden future that is real, rather than an imagined cessation of all consciousness.

This flower can lead us to breakthrough and a total transformation.

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