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For those who feel confused in life and suffer from woolly thinking. Foxglove helps to bring the needed stillness of the mind.

Digitalis purpurea
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Foxglove is a component of Confusion.

Foxglove is the essence for people who have lost their bearings and their sense of direction.

They can become very despondent and lose all their drive. They know that somewhere there is a way out of their difficulties, but somehow they just cannot find it. They try to push through ways that are blocked to them, with all the consequent frustration. Often there is a clear way out of their difficulties but they are too emotionally blocked to see it.

People who are continually seeking new therapies for their ailments may well fall into this category. They are often too intellectual about their difficulties - trying to think their way out of their problems. The resulting mental exertion makes things even more confused and woolly.

Foxglove reduces our emotional entanglement with difficulties, thereby creating distance from the "problems". With the resulting quieter mind, new ways of looking at things will emerge, the confusion and bewilderment naturally receding. The answers that are needed will then reveal themselves with such clarity that there will be little doubt as to their accuracy.

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