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Helps us to let go of our illusions and thus see into the true nature of things.

Mahonia aquifolium
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Mahonia is a component of Fears.

Mahonia helps to free us from the fear of our negative potential. Many people feel that deep within themselves they are basically "evil", often because they were told they were naughty or disobedient when they were children.

Or because some religions maintain that mankind is inherently evil - quoting Genesis or the concept of original sin. Freud built on these fears, adding sexuality to them for good measure!

This is not my experience of life. I now accept that our problems stem from such acquired characteristics as greed, rather than from an inherently fatally flawed nature.

Mahonia can help us by bringing the fragrance of the divine into our lives, enabling us to see that it is our fears that inhibit our spiritual progression - not a supposed "evil" within us. It shows us that our fears are largely fictitious, products of conditioning and imagination.

When the burden of fear lifts, there is a great release of the energy which has been trapped by the negative thoughts. That energy will then activate unconditional love within the Heart Chakra, love that has been blocked by the fears of the past.

This is a very uplifting essence that can be a great help to all those who feel that they are inadequate, that there is a hidden "dead hand" that holds them back from discovering the beauty that lies hidden within them.

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