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Pine Cones

Pine Cones

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For those who are trapped by the authoritarian power of others, and feel unable to escape from them.

Pinus sylvestris
Made with vodka water mix using the very small cones (fruit of the tree) in spring. In this case, the cones are steeped for several weeks in alcohol

Pine Cones is a component of Self-Esteem.

The essence of Pine Cones is for those who feel trapped by the authoritarian power of others and are unable to escape.

The source of these feelings of inadequacy, and the need for the approval of others, can usually be traced back to childhood.

There may be such a lack of self-confidence that the ability to express personal authority may well be nearly impossible. In adolescence, the inhibiting forces may have been so great that the normal changeover from parental authority to self-authority has not taken place.

Perhaps there was a dominant parent who was over-protective, preventing the child from making its own decisions and thereby learning from its own mistakes.

If the dominant authoritarian power came from a priesthood, then there may well be fears of evil, of the devil, or of losing one's soul, unless one does exactly as one is told.

To those who have been heavily dominated, the world can seem to be such a frightening place, that they need to turn to others for help and reassurance.

The Pine Cones essence helps to free us from worrying about pleasing others. This automatically leads us to an understanding that "authorities" are simply people - people who indeed may well know less about the truth of things than we do! The opinions of others are then seen in their true perspective.

Pine Cones helps to open us to the realisation that, in breaking free from the authoritarian control of others, all we lose are our chains.

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