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Cellular Memory

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Cellular memories can give rise to deeply entrenched behaviour patterns that can dominate our lives. This essence helps to lift those blocks. 


Combination essence of Giant Bellflower, Heather, Pink Purslane, Red Frangipani, Wood Anemone.

Included in standard set of 60.

Cellular memories can give rise to deeply entrenched behaviour patterns that can dominate our lives. This essence helps to lift those blocks.

Memory, both positive and negative, is stored in every living cell in the body - not just the brain. When a cellular memory is triggered there is an instantaneous reaction. These conditioned patterns emerge with such unexpected suddenness that they cause us to behave "out of character". They are a reaction, not a thought process.

Negative cellular memories are often due to powerful suppressions that we have experienced early in life, or perhaps in prefious lifetimes. These often originate from parents, teachers or our peers. They can form guilt and fear complexes which can rule our life.

Positive cellular memories that have been suppressed can result in us feeling inadequate and disempowered. The power games that people play can have the effect of distancing us from our own inhereent powers so that they are no longer available to us.

Inevitably, there will be changes of the personality when cellular memories are healed and empowered. If we were always compliant and subservient to others (or conversely over-dominant), then inevitably such patterns will modify as we discover our own true needs and begin to honour them.

Giant BellflowerGIANT BELLFLOWER (Campanula latifolia)
Giant Bellflower is the clarion call for change. It is the catalyst for action where old habits have been holding us back.

HeatherHEATHER (Calluna vulgaris)
Heather enables us to safely bring forward the wisdom and innate powers of the past that can help us to assert ourselves fully in the world. (see more below)

Pink PurslanePINK PURSLANE (Montia siberica)
Pink Purslane helps us to widen our views of the world and ourselves. It helps us to leave past attitudes and views behind and to embrace a future of enhanced vision and empowerment.

Red FrangipaneRED FRANGIPANI (Frangipani plumeria rubra)
Red Frangipani is to reawaken our links with the infinite, the source of our being. This source has many names, God, Allah, The Great Spirit, etc. The names do not matter as the infinite power is beyond such labelling.

Wood AnemoneWOOD ANEMONE (Anemone nemorosa)
Wood Anemone is the key essence. This is for blocked off energies and memories from the distant past, and perhaps previous lifetimes. It helps us to regain our lost powers.


Heather is a Bach essence, which we make to the original methods of Dr Bach. The stock bottle is treated as a Daughter Tincture and mixed into the combination at this stage to make Cellullar Memory.

Walking through the heather, which grows on the moors close to our home, I got some very powerful feelings which were different to the interpretations give by Dr Bach. The scent is evocative of heather honey, rich and complex. It awakens strong ties with the past, of happier times.

The whole plant mirrors survival and prospering where winters are tough and bleak. Heather is no shrinking violet that needs protection from the harsh elements.

Heather is to do with yearning for positive things from the past. Maybe we had positive qualities that were suppressed due to the influence of parents, teachers and peers. Perhaps we had an innate psychic or artistic sensitivity that was blocked off due to ridicule. Maybe we possessed strong leadership qualities that were blocked by a person or people who wanted to keep their position of "cock-of-the-midden".

Heather helps us to unblock those suppressed qualities that have become locked into our cellular memories and shake off the restrictions of the past.

Made using vodka water mix.

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