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Inside Out

Seven essences made, as part of the Ilkley Manor House Inside Out Project, in the Summer of 2020.

These essences were made with plants in full bloom around the courtyard of Ilkley Manor House, capturing the gentle energy of Summer.

The essences are :

Lady's Mantle - for refreshing new energy from within and for joy in new connections.

Foxglove - for new and calmer ways of looking at things, encouraging harmony in reconnection.

Monkshood - for emotional balance, including the evaporation of fear and anxiety.

Verbena - for inner strength, grounding, harmony and enthusiasm.

Light Pink Rose - for inner calm, unconditional love, serenity and gentle strength.

Honeysuckle - for revived interest in the here and now, moving forward with compassion.

Heather - for peace, confidence and meaningful reconnections.