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Tree Mallow

Tree Mallow

  • £1200

For those who have become addicted to being permanently busy.

 Lavatera thuringiaca
Made with vodka water mix.

Tree Mallow is a component of Tranquility.

Tree Mallow is included because of its healing and inspiring properties. As we begin to relax more and more deeply, as we become more peaceful and tranquil, there is a risk that we may lose our power and drive: it may well have been largely our tensions that were driving us on.

Tree Mallow facilitates healing and empowerment. Thus energised, we can go forward into life at the same time as we are becoming increasingly relaxed and tranquil.

Tranquillity should not mean disempowerment, as is so often the case with tranquillising drugs. Rather it should mean that we become more powerful, as we have now reduced those tension patterns which had held us back.

We only become tranquil and free when we can work from the present moment, from what exists in the "now". It is our fears that arise from past actions and future possibilities that prevent that vital relaxation occurring in our lives.

Tree Mallow helps us to centre our attention more easily in the present moment. In reality, that is the only time that we ever have. We need to make the most of it.

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