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For resilience where previously the person has been too brittle – not bowing to the inevitable.

Taxus baccata
Made with vodka water mix.

Yew is also a component of Yang.

This essence is for resilience and for escaping from rigid patterns of thought and behaviour.

Tensions make many people brittle and, although they may appear to be strong, they may suddenly crack under pressure. They are like cast iron which, although very strong, can fracture easily under a sudden shock.

They may have developed strong principles about which they are very protective. This can result in their reacting fiercely against what they see as opposing forces.

Yew helps people to see that there is no sin in being both resilient and flexible, or indeed bowing before the storm. It also brings the discernment needed to assess accurately just what forces are involved in any particular situation. After all, only a fool will stand in the path of an express train!

Yew helps people to become less proud of their own ideas and concepts, more open to new approaches and ideas, and break up the rigidity of outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour. It is a very useful essence for people who have become trapped by their own beliefs and opinions.

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