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Verbeia River Essence - Tor Dyke

  • £1500

10ml. Created with organic vodka.

The Verbeia River Essences were made with the energies of the River Wharfe, starting from sources, at Tor Dyke and Beckermonds, then travelling through Kettlewell, the Strid, Olicana, Cawood and reaching the North Sea at the Humber Estuary, at Julian’s Bower. 

Tor Dyke is a natural limestone earthwork, with a ditch, built by Venutius and Cartimandua, to protect the Brigantes from the 'Roman' forces, as they moved northwards. As these troops came from a Celtic area of Gaul, it is not surprising that they began to work together. In this turmoil, the queen Cartimandua left her husband, Venutius, for his armour bearer. A time of tumult, requiring much planning, forethought and organisation.

These are the energies that have come through in the essence, made at the source of the Wharfe at Tor Dyke:

Motivating to plan and instigate

Assembling of ideas

Bringing people together

Emerging energies

Gently energising

Healing the past

Preparing  for the future

Taking time

Finding pleasure in activities


Tingling heart

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