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Prunus dulcis - 10ml

The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.

Made with vodka water mix and the sun method using only the flowers.

Included in standard set of 60.

    Almond flowerThis is the flower of the inner teacher, the guide. Almond helps us to disentangle ourselves from past difficulties, and then to see our path ahead. It forms links with our soul, our very essence.

    Inevitably it will challenge us, because beliefs from the past often have a strange attraction for us - even though deep down we know they are restricting our freedom. The new path is unknown territory.

    As old familiar identities are left behind we will feel less and less bound by our past. In extreme cases we may not even recognise ourselves. This indeed would be the stuff of bad dreams and nightmares if we were not in safe hands.

    On such a journey we need the comfort, support and reassurance of a guide who will urge us ever onwards towards our own ultimate blossoming and freedom. We need to establish a true sense of our own worth, to find our true self-confidence so that we can become "self-programming", immune to the opposition of others who feel threatened by our changing personality.

    We need to learn how to rely on our own intuition. Particularly we need to learn how to discriminate between true intuition and the false images created by the ego.

    Almond essence helps to liberate us from old patterns that have had us dancing to their tune. It is a gentle essence but very deep. Many of the spring essences have this same characteristic, that of gentleness. There is a certain maximum speed at which we can progress along our own path. Compassion and love dictate that we must not exceed that speed. What we are looking for is encouraging change in people, not imposing it on them.

    Almond helps us to ease away from old patterns, but it also enables us to see, in detachment, how those patterns arose. It can also help us to understand what benefits we actually gained during those restricting times in the past.

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