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Arizona Fir

Arizona Fir

  • £1200

To help us to celebrate life and existence as spiritually based beings.

 Abies koreana
Made with alcohol method using the cones picked in summer

Included in standard set of 60

arizona firIn many religions it is assumed that any enjoyment of life is not spiritual, that life should be hard. Indeed, any enjoyment of life is seen as a severe stumbling block on one's path. Such ascetic teachings are distortions of the Truth. Clinging to a path of suffering and mortification can be just as disastrous to one's personal growth as living the life of a hedonist.

It is the clinging that is the problem, not what one is clinging to. What is needed is balance.

Many people do not enjoy their lives. For them, life is full of woe and suffering. Yet, viewed differently, it can be seen as an amazing and wonderful experience - something to be enjoyed. The essence of Arizona Fir is about celebrating life and existence. It can stimulate a sense of freedom and joy.

It is only when we can really open up and rejoice that the Heart Chakra (which represents love) can be fully energised. We need to be able to love life and to love our own selves, warts and all, celebrating life as spiritual beings, whilst living on this earth. There is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves; it is the attachment to such enjoyment that is the problem.

When we can dance in celebration and we, the dancer, no longer exist, then there is only the dance. That is true celebration. In such timelessness there is no ego, just a unity with all creation. Arizona Fir softens our rigidity and opens the door to the mysteries of true celebration.

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