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Black Locust

Black Locust

  • £1200

For protection against the negative influences of other people, including psychic attack.

Robinia pseudoacacia L.
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60
Black Locust is also a component of Protection & Clearing

Black Locust

In the spring Black Locust, this tree with the rather strange name, has beautiful fragrant flowers from which the essence is made. This is the essence of choice when we feel vulnerable to the attacks, or undesired attentions, of other people. These can be quite varied, depending on circumstances.

It may be that we feel we are the victims of "psychic attack", that, for whatever reason, someone wants to get back at us and we are being affected at the psychic level. It can be due to jealousy or anger or some other powerful emotion. Often the people responsible are not even aware that their thoughts can affect others from a distance.

It may be that we feel smothered or angered by the attentions of someone else. Again, their emotional reactions can have exactly the same effect - that of generating feelings of being attacked, of being vulnerable. Victims of stalkers often fall into this category.

It matters not whether we, either as the recipient or the perpetrator, believe or disbelieve in the possibility of psychic attack. My experience is that it can happen even when neither person believes in the possibility! James Neil, a policeman (author of Ju-Ju in my Life), went out to work in Ghana disbelieving in the power of witch-doctors. He discovered to his cost that disbelief did not prevent him from becoming a victim.

So if ever one feels seriously depleted with no obvious cause, or when some form of psychic interference is suspected, this is the essence to use. As well as its fragrant blossoms, Black Locust has large protective thorns! The essence mirrors these characteristics, broadcasting healing energies to others, as well as ourselves, whilst protecting us from undesired attentions.

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