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Blue Pimpernel

Blue Pimpernel

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Rediscovering our spiritual nature whilst growing up in a superficially material world.

 Anagallis arensis var. caerulea
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60

Blue pimpernelThis intensely blue Pimpernel grows in the Mediterranean area. The depth of colour mirrors the deep levels of insight that this flower can stimulate. The essence relates to our ultimate goal - that of rediscovering our spiritual nature after growing up within a material world.

It is inevitable that we have difficulties as we grow up. As children we are heavily influenced by everything around us, particularly the opinions and beliefs of those close to us. It is usually only after puberty that we really begin to question what we have been taught.

The present "New Age" is very much about questioning the teachings and dogmas of authorities. However, there is the ever-present danger of throwing out the baby with the bath-water. We need to be able to disentangle the true teachings of the spiritual masters from the dogmas and distortions added by those who followed afterwards.

Blue Pimpernel helps us to rediscover our true roots without being dominated, and therefore restricted, by the views of any particular religion. Blue Pimpernel is the flower of spiritual truth.

It helps us to discover for ourselves the true nature of our being. Because this is self-revelation, we are not enslaved by it; rather, it empowers us so that we are no longer afraid to "go out on a limb" if necessary.

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