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For the “Peter Pans” of this world who cling to childhood states. They want to be liked and so often become habitual victims.

Sinapis arvensis
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Charlock is also a component of Childhood and Metal Deficient

Charlock flower

Growing up can be very difficult for many of us. The transition from childhood lack of responsibility to responsible adult can be very traumatic. For some it may seem easier to stay locked in the state of childhood.

Like Peter Pan, they do not want to grow up. They want to live in a world of make-believe where everything is good and everything is predictable. Their naïve and trusting approach makes them prime targets for the world's con men.

They need to leave behind their attachment to childish ways, but without losing the openness of the child-like way of approaching anything new. Here the essence of Charlock can be very helpful.

It reveals clearly what is really going on in the world around us, rather than what we would like to believe. It helps to strip away the childhood delusions and opens up our awareness at a gentle pace. It shows us that an adult approach to life can be infinitely more rewarding than the disempowered restrictions of childhood.

Charlock opens the door to being a confident, competent, joyful adult with the knowledge that accepting responsibility does not automatically imply being heavy-handed and humourless.

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