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Compact Rush

Compact Rush

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For lack of fulfilment, life seeming to pass one by. This essence assists new beginnings, new energies and new insights.

 Juncus effusus
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Compact Rush is also a component of Sadness & Loneliness and Water Deficient

This flower was originally mis-identified. The correct latin name is now listed, but the common name should really be Soft Rush.

Compact Rush is the remedy for sadness, for those who feel that life is passing them by. As people grow older they often become sad as they begin to dwell on what might have been: they feel that somehow they have missed out on life, that they have not been and are not being fulfilled.

They begin to dwell on wasted opportunities, or opportunities that were denied them. This sadness is suppressed anger, anger that things were not different. Yet there now seems to be little that can be done. They feel disempowered and resentful. They may resent the actions of others in the past, or they may blame themselves.

Compact Rush is about new beginnings, fresh starts, about wiping the slate clean. It helps us to look on the past with compassion: that things were as they were because of the circumstances at the time, and thus it takes the sting from those past memories.

Looking back is then like watching ourselves in an old movie. Neither the old emotional ties nor the emotions themselves are now there. What lies ahead is then seen as a great variety of new possibilities, possibilities that are no longer inhibited by the old resentments.

Compact Rush helps us to break free of the past and so embrace the present moment with new energies and insights.

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