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Scintilla New World - 4 - Dreaming, Walking and Dancing in a New World

  • £3000

A Group of three  essences of Positive Change, collectively brought into the World by a group of essence makers, including Jenny Howarth, in SW France in Spring 2018 and 2019 and remotely working together energetically in Spring 2020.

This series of Essences has chosen the first New Moon of 2020 to appear here to the world as part of the sparkling Scintilla Essences.  Other participants have also made the New World Essences available through their own brands.  Each producer has given  their own unique gift to the energies of these essences, to help us to dream, to create and to dance with joy as we work with Mother Earth in her transition. 

3 x 10ml Stock Essence Bottle in vodka/water.