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Scintilla New World - 2 - Walking in a New World

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Walking in a New World is the second in the group of Scintilla New World Essences,  co-created in SW France in Spring 2019 by a group of flower essence producers, including Jenny Howarth, carrying forward the energies of the previous year,  Dreaming in a New World.   This essence helps to carry us forward along  the path for change, bringing into increasingly sharp focus the Earth's need for our support. This essence brings us support on this journey, helping us to remain upright as we walk and start to carry our dream of Positive Change  into reality.  

The cranes were present again, as in the making of Dreaming in a New World. They were flying northwards and made a detour to the field where the essence was sitting. These cranes are wonderful, adding to the essences and to our assurance that we are truly co-creating with Mother Nature and her needs right now. 

10ml Stock Essence Bottle in vodka/water.