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Scintilla New World - 3 - Dancing in a New World

  • £1200

The third essence in the New World series, Dancing in a New World, was co-created in Spring 2020, by a group of essence makers, including Jenny Howarth, all working remotely and brought together through technology.  The energies were high in each bowl, as the Mother Tinctures were born. This was a weekend of joy and dance for each essence producer,  as preparations were made for the changes that were lying ahead. The need for change was clearer than ever at this time when the group could not meet together physically. This essence, Dancing in a New World, builds on the energies of the first two, Dreaming and Walking in a New World.  It helps to stand strong as we play our part in the creation of the New World that is taking shape all around us.

10ml Stock Essence Bottle, in vodka/water.