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Double Snowdrop

Double Snowdrop

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For when there are frozen attitudes and approaches to life. This remedy brings openness; a lighter touch.

Galanthus nivalis "flore pleno"
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Double Snowdrop is a component of Stuck in a Rut.

Double Snowdrop is for those who need to have more flexibility in their lives, who may have become frozen in their attitudes. Sometimes it is as if they have been left behind, clinging to patterns of behaviour that really belong to times past. They may have become experts in some area where nothing new is allowed to challenge their established views.

Luckily most Double Snowdrop people are not so extreme; they are much more likely to have become stuck in a rut and feel unable to get out of it. Feeling old before one's time is a classic symptom of this. They need the insight to see that everything is constantly changing and that change, however uncomfortable it may feel at times, is a fact of life.

It is fear of change that is the main Double Snowdrop characteristic. Often this fear results in heavy, serious feelings. This essence encourages a lightness of touch and a rejoicing in the newness of life. They can not only see then that nothing is the same from moment to moment, but they can rejoice that it is so.

Double Snowdrop helps to break up the crusts of rigid attitudes that are keeping out joy and freedom, and to build trust and a sense of security through the period of transformation.

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