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Helps us to be strongly rooted in the world when we feel uprooted by the forces around us.

Hedera helix
Made with the vodka water mix and using the young leaves

Ivy is a component of Shock & Trauma, Grounding Essence and Earth Deficient.

This essence is to help ground us in situations where shock might otherwise make us space out and even lose the will to live.

There are times for everyone when life can feel just not worth living. It may be "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" when everything we touch seems to crumble to dust and disaster. It may be that the shock of a bad accident has made us lose touch with reality.

Either way the desire to keep on living can desert us and all we want is a cessation of our troubles. In such circumstances we need an essence that will help to root us back in the physical world, to feel secure and loved. This is where Ivy can help.

Ivy mirrors the properties that we are looking for in such circumstances. It can awaken in us its powers of toughness, resilience and power. Ivy is a survivor! If we embrace its powers, it will not willingly let us escape into illness or even death.


Being rooted and grounded in the physical dimension is crucial for human-beings. We are physical beings, and a large part our journey here on Earth is to experience that physicality. READ MORE

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