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For those who are at a major change point in their lives. They may feel as if they are living on a knife-edge.

Doronicum pardalianches
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60.
Leopardsbane is also a component of Wood Excess.

This is the essence for those who are awakening to their true selves, whether consciously or not. They may feel that they are living on a knife-edge and indeed may begin to believe that they are going mad. Such feelings can be very distressing. Yet they can be a very positive sign, indicating the beginning of a way through the veils of conditioned thought.

The negative aspect of the Leopardsbane characteristic is that it can lead to serious depression and even to suicidal thoughts. Because of the powerful emotions generated in such states, there is often a real problem with addiction to the feelings of negativity.

Leopardbane is useful in two ways: first, in lessening the attachment to emotional extremes; second, in allowing the perceptions to broaden. The people who suffer in this way are often very perceptive and may be seeing something of the nature of the "madness" of mankind - the madness of clinging to beliefs or situations that can only cause pain and suffering.

They need to see beyond that pain and suffering. They may then reach a point where they can understand that this madness is an inevitable part of life, at least until people begin to awaken and change. Leopardsbane helps them to see their own sufferings, as well as those of others, with understanding and compassion.

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