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Lesser Stitchwort

Lesser Stitchwort

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For “possession”, ie for those whose behaviour is dominated by others or by strongly held ideas.

Stellaria graminea
Made with the sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Lesser Stitchwort is also a component of Liberation.

Lesser Stitchwort is the essence for those who need to escape from the thought patterns and influences that possess them.

The things that possess us can be many and various: they may be attitudes and opinions that we have come to believe in; or someone may be trying to dominate us; or perhaps we have become so involved with our own possessions that in reality they now possess us, as we endeavour to hold on to them.

We need to reduce our dependency on things and relationships. When that happens, what we truly need will naturally stay with us and the rest will fall away.

Lesser Stitchwort works in two ways. First, it helps to dissolve our emotional entanglement with objects, events and people. These greatly restrict our freedom of action.

Second, it acts, like a guiding star, to illuminate the path ahead. It also give us the insight and encouragement to follow that path as it opens up before us.

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