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For those whose personal development has been stunted by dominant influences, usually in childhood or adolescence.

Syringa vulgaris “massena”
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60.
Lilac is also a component of Wood Deficient.

This is for those who have failed to develop fully and blossom in their life and whose personal growth has therefore been stunted. They may feel shrivelled up, which may sometimes be echoed in a shrivelled or stunted physical appearance.

This may have been caused by a dominant parent, partner or teacher. The result of such domination is an inability to express freely what is felt. Lilac encourages an opening up and a restart into growth. We realise that all is not lost, that we have simply been hibernating.

Unblocking locked-in energies can give remarkably rapid personal growth, rather like plant growth in the spring.

Often Lilac people have difficulty in accepting their own worth and potential. Indeed, they may have become addicted to being victims, feeling safe in their prison. Opening the door of the cage and looking out into a much wider world can feel pretty threatening.

Love and support are needed to help them through such a major change. We are talking here about true love, not sentimentality - support, not indulgence.

It is often advisable to give Bistort at the same time as this will give the added support needed through such a period of major change. Equally, Magnolia or Dog Rose could be considered for reinforcing the love that is needed.

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