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For where there is a rigid materialistic approach to life, often with a total denial of the psychic and spiritual dimensions.

Calendula officinalis
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Marigold is a component of Yin.

This is the essence for the person who has largely blocked their feminine sensitivity.

Whereas the Aqueous Bracken personality is merely suppressing their sensitivity, the Marigold personality has gone one stage further. They may vehemently deny and attack any suggestion that there is anything in this universe other than what can be scientifically detected and explained.

The extreme of this characteristic is the professional sceptic who seeks to expose fake healers, mediums, dowsers, etc. Often these people are inherently sensitive but are afraid to admit it. As Shakespeare put it "Methinks he doth protest too much". They could well find it too threatening to embrace fully the feminine Yin side of their nature.

Marigold is therefore particularly useful for all those who have largely blocked the light from their feminine side. It helps to dissipate the fear of the feminine aspects and gently encourages the growth of positive insight.

Sometimes this essence is indicated where a person seems to be well-balanced so far as their intuitive side is concerned. In this case it may be that their intuitive potential is much greater than they have so far been able to accept.

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