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Meadow Rue

Meadow Rue

  • £1200

For discerning what is worth striving for in our life and what is unhealthy. Brings clarity to see where we need to be heading to fulfil our true purpose in life.

Thalictrum dipterocarpum
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60

The Chinese Lesser Meadow Rue is the essence for discernment, showing us what will be to our detriment and what will be to our benefit.

It is a tall plant but very fine and graceful. Its leaves are similar to those of the maidenhair fern. The flowers are small but incredibly beautiful, the petals a violet-purple with striking creamy-white anthers and stamens.

This is the flower of service to others. Yet this is not the message of self-sacrifice - far from it. The message of Meadow Rue is to put aside greed and self-seeking because those are the weapons that not only destroy us personally, but that could ultimately destroy mankind.

It was perhaps not without reason that this flower came to my attention after some notable corporate scandals. They showed all too clearly how greed can have a catastrophic effect on others. Whether corporate or personal greed, the end result is the same.

Meadow Rue shows us how to discriminate between the desires that are healthy for us and those which carry the seeds of destruction within them. It is the flower of equanimity - of balance. It enables us to live with grace, poise and ease in a difficult world.

Discernment carries with it the message of service to others, the realisation that no man is an island and that we all need to co-operate for the general good. Meadow Rue co-operates well with the Bladder Senna in helping those who feel guilty.

Bladder Senna helps old negative feelings to fall away, while Lesser Meadow Rue brings in discernment, so that we can choose well what direction to take with the newly released energies.

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