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Norway Maple

Norway Maple

  • £1200

Helps us understand more about our true nature, freeing up our mind so that we can more easily enter other levels of consciousness.

Acer platinoides
Made with sun method using only the yellowish-green flowers and with vodka water mix.

Norway Maple is a component of Unification.

Norway Maple helps us to understand more about our true nature by freeing up our minds so that we can more easily enter other levels of consciousness.

We are all multi-dimensional beings - much more complex that we are normally prepared to admit. Many people just stay with their consciousness firmly in the Earth plane. This is ultimately unsatisfactory: not only do they fear the apparent end caused by death, but they also fail to discover the riches revealed by exploring other dimensions.

Norway Maple works to free up our consciousness so that we no longer put blocks on what we are prepared to accept when we enter states of meditation and insight. This reluctance is not so much caused by fear in this case, but rather the feeling that we are content with the extent of our present explorations.

Norway Maple entices us to develop an enquiring mind. It encourages us to go further and deeper in just the same way as a good meditation teacher will stretch us so that we do not settle into a lethargic or complacent state.

Norway Maple facilitates movement between different levels of consciousness so that whenever we need information it can be made available to us with ease and accuracy.

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