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Practitioner Set of Essences

Full Set of Essences

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Boxed set of all 101 of the single Bailey essences available.

All essences are 10ml and safety sealed
Stored in six turquoise boxes that hold 20 essences each

Some people, particularly practitioners, prefer to work with single essences rather than composites. This set of 101 includes every single essence that is available in the Bailey flower essence range. See below for an a-z list of all the essences.

ALGERIAN IRIS  Makes us less susceptible to getting sexually involved in relationships that are inherently flawed.
ALMOND  The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.
APRICOT POPPY  Brings beauty to barren areas of our lives. Its soft quiet persistence is what we need to survive upheaval and trauma.
ARIZONA FIR  To help us to celebrate life and existence as spiritually based beings.
BETONY  For fears that are hidden in the subconscious mind, including apparently irrational fears.
BISTORT  To provide loving support at times of major change in our lives.
BLACK LOCUST  For protection against the negative influences of other people, including psychic attack.
BLACKTHORN  The remedy for the depths of despair - the "Valley of the Shadow of Death".
BLADDER SENNA  For escaping from feelings of guilt and being unworthy, brought about by judging ourselves far too harshly. It brings compassionate understanding of our past actions.
BLUEBELL  Where there has been depression, when one feels to be falling apart inside.
BLUE PIMPERNEL  Rediscovering our spiritual nature whilst growing up in a superficially material world.
BOG ASPHODEL  For the "willing slave" - those who help others yet frequently ignore their own needs.
BRACKEN ALC  Where there has been an habitual playing of the "child" role in life.
BRACKEN AQ  For when intuitive sensitivity was blocked in childhood, resulting in a fear of the intuitive side of one's nature.
BUTTERBUR  For blocked-off self love, and not realising one's own inherent "goodness".
BUTTERCUP  For those who find it difficult to let the "sunshine" into their lives. Helps one to let go of embittered feelings.
CHARLOCK  For the "Peter-Pans" of this world who cling to childhood states. They want to be liked and so often become an habitual victim.
COMPACT RUSH  Life not feeling fulfilled, life seeming to pass one by. This essence assists new beginnings, new energies and new insights.
CONIFER MAZEGILL  For sudden, irrevocable changes in our life. Continually activates energies of positive change.
CYMBIDIUM ORCHID  Relates to the hidden side of our nature, brings peace and harmony to the subconscious parts of our mind.
CYPRUS ROCK ROSE  For deep terrors and fears that are difficult to expose and resolve. More powerful and deeper-acting than common Rock Rose.
DEEP RED PEONY  Reflects our spiritual life-blood, helping us to discover our true spiritual destiny. It encourages latent powers of energy and wisdom at a gentle pace.
DELPHINIUM  Catalyses the opening up of our intuitive faculties.
DOG ROSE  For loving comfort and support, for help along our path when life gets difficult.
DOUBLE SNOWDROP  For when there are frozen attitudes and approaches to life. This remedy brings openness; a lighter touch.
DWARF PURPLE VETCH  For deep-rooted, hidden patterns usually originating in childhood and often resulting in sexual difficulties.
EARLY PURPLE ORCHID  For unblocking the energy centres in the body and protecting any vulnerable spaces so created.
FIRETHORN  This remedy is concerned with balancing up the "fire" energy within a person. This unbalance can be due to long-suppressed emotions.
FLAME AZALEA  Helps us to regain our vital life force and sense of community after major changes in life.
FLOWERING CURRANT  For those who have lost heart but still keep going. Often they feel that they are facing inevitable defeat.
FORSYTHIA  Forsythia helps us open up to our spiritual nature, bringing joy and a sense of freedom in that realisation.
FOXGLOVE  For those who feel confused in life and suffer from woolly thinking. Foxglove helps to bring the needed stillness of the mind.
FUJI CHERRY  Helps us to relax and take life less seriously. The key essence for personal tranquillity.
GIANT BELLFLOWER  The clarion call for change. It is the catalyst for action where old habits have been holding us back.
GREATER CELANDINE  Encourages us to go deeper into our consciousness - to discover more of what we really are.

HAIRY SEDGE  For those who worry and find it difficult to keep their minds in the present moment. This inattention can result in poor memory.
HAWKWEED  For those times when we have little confidence in ourselves because life seems to be so uncertain.
HEATH BEDSTRAW  For helping us to find inner stillness and the peace of tranquil meditation states.
HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY  The essence of spiritual lineage. To fulfill our potential in this lifetime,we need to build on strengths gained in the past. Furthers insight and psychic skills.   HOLLY LEAF  Helps us to see things as they really are and therefore to let go of pent up anger and bitterness.
HONESTY  This remedy is for help with bringing openness and receptivity where previously there were subversive negative characteristics.
HONEYSUCKLE  Helps us to become more open to the world and those around us.

INDIAN BALSAM  Brings quietness and peace to an overactive and disturbed mind.
IVY  Helps us to be strongly rooted in the world when we feel uprooted by the forces around us.

LARCH  Encourages the intuitive side of our nature to expand and take its rightful place in our life.
LEOPARDSBANE  For those who are at a major change point in their lives. They may feel as if they are living on a knife-edge.
LESSER STITCHWORT  For "possession", ie for those whose behaviour is dominated by others or by strongly held ideas.
LICHEN  To help us feel at ease and at one with our surroundings.
LILAC  For those whose personal development has been stunted by dominant influences, usually in childhood or adolescence.
LILY OF THE VALLEY  For yearning. For those who have become blocked by desiring the unattainable.

MAGNOLIA  For unconditional love. This essence helps to bring and awaken within us the energies of love and compassion.
MAHONIA  Helps us to let go of our illusions and so helps us to see into the true nature of things.
MARIGOLD  For where there is a rigid materialistic approach to life, often with a total denial of the psychic and spiritual dimensions.
MARSH THISTLE  The remedy for those locked in the past. For those who cling on to old outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour.
MEADOW RUE  For discerning what it worth striving for in our life and what is unhealthy. Brings clarity to see where we need to be heading to fulfil our true purpose in life.   MEDITERRANEAN SAGE  For the "Earth" qualities of warmth, comfort and wisdom. Helps to catalyse insight from a firm earthed base.
MILK THISTLE  This remedy is for those who do not love themselves. Often they try to make up for this by trying to please others.
MONK'S HOOD  For difficulties of long standing that have their roots in the distant past. Helps to bring one up-to-date.
MOSS  This is to help those who fear freedom and lightness in their lives. Often a fear of dark spaces within the being.

NASTURTIUM  For those who know that they need to make changes in their life but seem to be unable to make the first move.
NORWAY MAPLE  Helps us understand more about our true nature freeing up our mind so that we can more easily enter other levels of consciousness.

OAK  Mirrors quiet inner strength and wisdom. It helps us to relax and find our own strengths.
ORIENTAL POPPY  Alleviates the pain of addiction and helps to break up dependencies whether they be in mind, body or spirit.
OXALIS  For things that "have you by the throat" and seem so overpowering that there appears to be no way out.

PINE CONES  This is for those who are trapped by the authoritarian powers of others, and feel unable to escape from them.
PINK PURSLANE  For those needing to expand their horizons and leave behind the limitations of the past.

RAGWORT  This is for obsessive thoughts that keep on endlessly looping round and round.
RED CLOVER  This is for those who are blocked off by fear of their own emotional nature.
RED FRANGIPANI  The essence of awakening. Re-unites us with the true source of our being which lies beyond the spiritual dimension. Brings joy and new levels of perception and confidence.
RED POPPY  This is to help us leave our limitations behind and to find our true energy and power.
RHODODENDRON  This is for those who lack flexibility and keep trying to push through blind alleyways.
ROSEBAY WILLOWHERB  For times of major upheaval when we feel disoriented and lost.
ROUND HEADED LEEK  For unknown difficulties stemming from childhood, particularly when other essences have been ineffective.

SACRED LOTUS  A powerful essence to open the Heart to the love of the Universe and the Divine.
SCABIOUS  For healing us when we need gentleness and quiet support.
SCARLET PIMPERNEL  For those who are emotionally trapped by others, often with a psychic dependence.
SEA CAMPION  For separation in early childhood and its consequent insecurity and fears. Stimulates loving, protective energies.
SHEEP'S SORREL  For the bitterness that arises when we feel that life is being desperately unfair to us
SIBERIAN SPRUCE  This remedy is for those whose "male" energy is lacking, producing frustration and a lack of clarity.
SINGLE SNOWDROP  For breaking through to new levels of consciousness. Helps to bring insight and support during such times.
SOAPWORT  For use where there is bewilderment and lack of vision. For the "What the Hell am I doing here?" type of feeling.
SOLOMON'S SEAL  For the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment.
SPEEDWELL  Increases powers of insight, whilst preventing us from becoming emotionally entangled with what we perceive.
SPOTTED ORCHID  To help us overcome difficulties and blocks on our path of personal growth.
SPRING SQUILL  For freedom after breakthrough. Helps us to soar like a bird, finding our own true path in limitless space.
STAR OF BETHLEHEM  This is the key essence for reducing the effects of shock and trauma to the whole system.
SUMACH  For those who ignore their own potentials due to fear of loss of their old identities.

THRIFT  For helping to open up to psychic sensitivity but keeping the person firmly grounded at the same time.
TREE MALLOW  For those who have become addicted to being permanently busy in their life.
TRAILING ST JOHN'S WORT  For helping us when our life has been irrevocably changed.
TUFTED VETCH  For sexual difficulties caused by an incorrect sexual self-image - usually due to childhood conditioning.

VALERIAN  For those who have not had their need for love fulfilled in their childhood.

WELSH POPPY  For those who have lost their fire and inspiration and become day-dreamers.
WHITE CHERRY  This essence helps past negative influences to loose their grip and be dissipated.
WHITE DEAD NETTLE  For removing the addictive effects of obsessive thought patterns.
WHITE LOTUS  For bringing peace and unification to body, mind, spirit and soul.
WILD MALLOW  For helping to free us from energies that otherwise tend to possess us.
WITCH HAZEL  For those who sacrifice themselves in trying to live up to the expectations of others.
WOOD ANEMONE  For use where there are very old difficulties - genetic or Karmic.

YEW  For resilience where previously the person has been too brittle - not bowing to the inevitable.
YORKSHIRE FOG  For grief, helping us to express it without becoming entangled with it.

All made with vodka water mix.

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