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Red Clover

Red Clover

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For those who are blocked off by fear of their own emotional nature.

Trifolium pratense
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Red Clover is a component of Yang and Yin/Yang Balancer.

This is for those who are emotionally blocked off through a deep-rooted fear of the emotional side of their nature. Many people fear the serious damage that unbridled emotions can bring. This can lead to their suppressing their emotions in the belief that this will prevent a hidden aspect of their nature causing problems. The problem is that in so doing they greatly reduce their enjoyment of life.

Red Clover gently encourages the emotional side to emerge. It is important that this change is gradual so that the changes can be integrated without stress.

The usual indications of emotional blockage are when someone appears hard, cold and calculating; and everything is directed to utilitarian ends. In these cases "art for art's sake", just "watching the world go by", or doing "useless" things may appear to be a total waste of time.

Here the problem is usually due to a largely blocked-off right (intuitive) brain function. Red Clover encourages communication between the two sides of the personality. The left (logical) brain will then begin to allow and trust the activities of the right brain and finally rejoice that it has such an amazing partner to work with!

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