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Red Poppy

Red Poppy

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This is to help us leave our limitations behind and to find our true energy and power.

Papaver rhoeas
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Red Poppy is a component of Anger & Frustration, Wood Excess and Dependency.

The Red Poppy essence stabilises fire energy, the creative life-force that needs to be under our control at all times.

It is vital for our comfort and happiness that we harness our energies in ways that are beneficial rather than harmful. Fire energy out of control can be destructive to ourselves as well as others. It is, however, the driving force behind all that we do: too little fire and we become ineffective, too much and we become destructive.

Red Poppy helps to stabilise our fire energy, preventing us from becoming excessively angry or turning our anger inwards. It assists us to grasp situations more accurately so that we can decide on the most appropriate form of action. Sometimes we may need to express our feelings openly, sometimes it may be prudent not to do so.

Perhaps we are faced with a situation that appears to be intolerable, yet we may be in a position where making a hostile response could cause serious repercussions (perhaps, for instance, losing our job).

Controlling our energies is a Red Poppy quality which prevents us from going into a self-destruct mode out of frustration. It will help us to acknowledge that in such cases we are powerless to change our circumstances.

We can therefore channel our energies in a more positive manner, perhaps looking towards ways of changing our circumstances later on. Red Poppy is thus a very positive healing essence that can make our life much easier, and also much easier for those around us!

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