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Round-Headed Leek

Round-Headed Leek

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For unknown difficulties stemming from childhood, particularly when other essences have been ineffective.

 Allium sphaerocephalon L.
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Round-headed Leek is a component of Childhood.

This tiny member of the onion family grows in Cyprus. The essence made from it is very useful for those who have difficulties relating to childhood, without being able to pin down what the problems are.

Childhood is frequently a source of difficulties that emerge later in life. Many things get buried in our sub-conscious, bearing negative fruits later on. The art is to be able to understand them but with the insights of a mature adult, rather than regressing and reliving them through the eyes of a disempowered child.

There are many satisfactory ways of going beyond known childhood difficulties, yet problems that do not surface in the conscious mind can be very difficult to deal with. Here the Round-Headed Leek comes into its own.

This essence helps to neutralise the forces (usually of fear) that are holding old patterns within the unconscious areas of the mind. Once we can see these old patterns and identify them, then it is much easier to release them. The Round-Headed Leek helps to bring those old repressed energies to the surface.

It also enables us to see that whatever happened to that child did not happen to the adult - we have moved on and the childhood situation no longer exists. With that insight the old repressed energies evaporate as they no longer have anything to hold on to.

An essence of compassionate understanding, such as Dog Rose, may be very helpful if taken at the same time.

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