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For healing us when we need gentleness and quiet support.

Knautia arvensis
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Scabious is a component of Shock & Trauma.

Scabious initiates the healing process after serious shock or trauma. It helps us to accept what has happened to us and brings comfort and ease to the healing process.

When we have been subjected to serious upset, particularly when there has been injury to the mind or body, then the natural healing processes can be severely disrupted. A shocked mind can easily inhibit the healing that would otherwise naturally take place.

Scabious gently helps us to accept what has happened, whatever the apparent consequences, so that our distress does not block the natural healing.

In addition Scabious brings its own unique healing energies into play, opening our consciousness to love and compassion. Whatever has happened, there is no point in having regrets. We can only go on into the future as well as we can.

Scabious also helps us to see that even serious problems may have very positive outcomes that we cannot possibly envisage at the time. It enables us to keep going even when the going is very rough.

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