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Sea Campion

Sea Campion

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For separation in early childhood and its consequent insecurity and fears. Stimulates loving, protective energies.

Silene maritima
Made with sun method using only the flowers and with vodka water mix.

Sea Campion is a component of Insecurity and Fire Excess.

This essence is for those who suffered separation early on in their lives. Whilst this is most frequently due to a separation from the mother, a separation from the protective male energy of the father can also cause trauma.

All human babies, and many animal ones, need a close bond with their mothers during the early stages of life. This builds up a sense of security and of being cared for and loved. That in turn gives a strong firm base for the infant to grow up from, feeling secure in the world in which it finds itself.

As well as the loving maternal background, babies also need the feeling of firm protective energy around them. Ideally this comes from the father, but can be provided by some equally supportive male energy.

If a loving stable background is weak or missing, then children feel insecure and fearful. This can lead to nightmares and bed-wetting in childhood. When they are older, they may have deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and be dogged by fears. Such fears can greatly disempower them, preventing them from expressing themselves properly in the world.

Sea Campion is a flower that relates to the Earth element. If we are properly "earthed", then we will be in harmony with nature. We will then have strong roots that enable us to withstand "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune", as Shakespeare put it.

The element Earth is to do with nurturing, with being at home in situations, with belonging to this Earth that is our present home. Sea Campion is therefore a flower that helps us return to our roots, to find contentment and peace in the world.

It grows on bleak windswept cliffs that are battered by the winter storms, yet it still blossoms in the spring. Sea Campion is a "Return to Earth" flower, helping to bring ease to the insecure heart.

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