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Siberian Spruce

Siberian Spruce

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This remedy is for those whose “male” energy is lacking, producing frustration and a lack of clarity.

 Picea omorika
Made with vodka water mix.

Siberian Spruce is a component of Yang and the Yin/Yang Balancer.

This is for those whose "male" energy is low. It is the essence to choose for a lack of assertiveness. Many people prefer to take a low profile rather than come up-front and accept personal responsibility for their actions.

Sensitive people, whose  "feminine" aspect is dominant, often have difficulties in dealing with the Yang side of their nature. It is the opposite of the Red Clover personality. They are equally unbalanced but in opposite directions.

Here it is a fear of being exposed to the hard light of reality that is the problem. Often there is an exaggerated emotional response to life. What is needed is a firm unshakeable grounding energy, and Siberian Spruce points the way to this.

Many people have the mistaken belief that the Rambos of this world represent the true male aspect, whereas in fact they represent the negative aspects of the male. The positive male aspects of uprightness, openness and outgoingness are the qualities encouraged by this essence.

Siberian Spruce helps to lift the Yang energies up to balance those of the Yin.

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