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Single Snowdrop

Single Snowdrop

  • £1200

For breaking through to new levels of consciousness. Helps to bring insight and support during such times.

Galanthus nivalis

Made with vodka water mix.

Single Snowdrop is a component of Transition.

Single Snowdrop is for those who are experiencing difficulties in breaking through to new levels of consciousness and awareness. It is the essence for those who seem to have encountered a barrier or block on their path towards personal freedom.

It may well be that old habitual patterns of behaviour feel under threat and so they react negatively in an attempt to remove that threat. The net result is that efforts to change positively are continually being subverted.

There can also be reactions against increasing insight. Seeing things more clearly can, at first, give the impression that the world is a bleak place (rather like the world which the snowdrop sees as it emerges in the late winter).

Single Snowdrop helps to reveal the joyful potential of a true and wider vision. Old negative set ways can then be seen for what they really are - apparently comfortable strait jackets!

The transition of accepting one's spiritual nature, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the world, is not easy. Because Single Snowdrop mirrors the struggle of our spiritual nature to emerge and blossom, we chose this flower to be our logo.

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