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For use where there is bewilderment and lack of vision. For the “What the hell am I doing here?” type of feeling.

Saponaria ocymoides
Made with vodka water mix.

Soapwort is a component of Confusion and Wood Deficient.

Soapwort is the essence that is needed when we are bewildered and confused. There is a feeling of "What the hell am I doing here?" that is usually followed by the unspoken question of "How do I get out?"

This state is often encountered during personal development as the older identities lose their grip and fall away. The loss of the old personal self-image can be a time of distress and trauma, when the new has not yet fully emerged.

It is in this personal "void" that many deep positive changes can take place, so what is needed is encouragement. The feeling of "better the devil you know rather than the one you don't" can so often take over at this time. Soapwort prevents us from falling back into these old ways.

It can be viewed as helping to wash away the past negative influences and providing love and encouragement for embracing the new.

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