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Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

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This is the key essence for reducing the effects of shock and trauma to the whole system.

Ornithogalum arabicum
Made with vodka water mix.

Star of Bethlehem is a component of Shock & Trauma and Grounding Essence.

Star of Bethlehem is used as the basic shock essence, taking the initial negative reaction out of the system. This is vital in severe cases.

When we are shocked the whole of the body's nerve system is severely upset. The initial shock reaction affects all the cells in the body and completely disrupts the body's energies. Indeed, people often die more from shock than they do from injury in severe accidents.

Shock tends to make us detach and give up the will to live. Our Star of Bethlehem is made as a sun essence and it helps the mind to let go of the immediate traumatic experience. This is vital as it takes the sting out of the experience and so greatly reduces the body's shock reaction.

Wherever there is sudden shock, this is the essence of choice for use immediately after the experience. This is the reason why Star of Bethlehem is included in the Shock & Trauma essence; it is the essential first aid part of the composite.

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