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For those who ignore their own potential for fear of loss of their old identities.

Rhus typina
Made using alcohol method

Sumach is a component of Stuck in a Rut.

Sumach is the essence for those who steadfastly refuse to accept their own potential.

Many gifted people hide their light under a bushel and try to pretend that it does not exist. There are many different reasons for this.

It could be that much dedicated work or a considerable financial input is needed. Perhaps their partner is deeply opposed to it. Maybe there is a problem of self-image such as "People like me can't do things like that", or the defensive "Others do these things far better than I ever could".

These are usually just excuses put up by the conscious mind. The reality is that they are frightened of owning up to their full powers and potential. In accepting their true role in life they would have to accept a new self-image - that of a powerful adult. They would then have to come out into the open, which could well make them feel very vulnerable.

Sumach shows them that there is no hiding place and that it takes far less energy to accept what one is than waste energy in trying to oppose it. When they finally accept the truth the reaction is always the same - "Why did I put up so many barriers to change, when life is so much more rewarding this way?"

Sumach helps them to reveal their true selves.

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