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For when there are major changes in life, when the past needs to make way for the new.


Composite essence of Bistort, Single Snowdrop, Spring Squill.

Included in standard set of 60.

This composite is designed to help those who are experiencing difficulty as a result of major changes in their lives. Whether those changes seem to be good or bad, such times can be extremely stressful. Nevertheless the past needs to make way for the new and this composite can help with that.

BistortBISTORT (Polygonum bistorta)
Bistort is the key essence in this composite - helping us by giving loving comfort and support during the process of change. It is as if it gives us an "inner scaffolding" that prevents us going into total collapse or breakdown. It encourages us to go forward into a new and more rewarding future.

Single SnowdropSINGLE SNOWDROP (Galanthus nivalis)
Single Snowdrop is included to give us the courage to go forward into a completely new situation. Breakthrough into new levels of awareness may give us quite a shock. Single Snowdrop helps us to accept our new situation with calm clarity.

Spring SquillSPRING SQUILL (Scilla verna)
Spring Squill encourages us to fly in freedom. While Bistort and Single Snowdrop help in the breaking through process, Spring Squill brings joy and exultation in the new freedoms that are opening up to us. It enables us to find our own true way, unencumbered by the attitudes and opinions of those around us.

Made with vodka water mix.

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