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Tufted Vetch

Tufted Vetch

  • £1200

For sexual difficulties caused by an incorrect sexual self-image – usually due to childhood conditioning.

Vicia cracca
Made with vodka water mix.

Tufted Vetch is included in standard set of 60

The key remedy for many sexual difficulties. People frequently have a fairly mixed-up sexual self-image. This is hardly surprising considering the number of manipulative power games that are played out with sex as a basis.

A wholesome human drive has variously been portrayed as dirty, obscene, something to lust for, manipulate others through, etc. With all the heavy conditioning from childhood onwards, many people have difficulties in this area. Sex, like money and power, has traditionally been used to manipulate people, and we grow up in an environment where such manipulation is widespread.

Tufted Vetch helps us to rebalance our own sexual self-image in both male and female aspects. When this essence is indicated, it is worth looking to see whether either the Yin or Yang composite is needed, to bring the "male" and "female" characteristics into closer balance.

As our own male and female sides become more balanced, we will find that much of the sting is taken out of our relationships with other people at a sexual level. Only when we are really at ease with our own sexuality will we find ease in relating sexually to other people. Only then can we truly honour our own sexuality and then, by reflection, honour the sexuality of others.

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