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Verbeia Sunset Bath Salts - plus refill

  • £2200

As the day draws towards its close, let the day’s worries dissolve into a bath, infused with Verbeia Moorland Sunset Bath Salts 200gm.

Bath Salts includes wooden scoop and refill (200 gm).

Welcome the feeling of completeness from the Moorland Sunset Winberry essence and the ‘sense of home’ of the Fylfot essence, blended with soothing essential oils , including Chamomile, Lemongrass Rosewood and Clary Sage.

Our bath salts are made with the finest pure English sea salt, flower essences and essential oils and are free of parabens and sulfates. They will grace any bathroom, in a kilner jar, with a 200gm refill and a natural, wooden scoop.

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