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White Lotus

White Lotus

  • £1200

For bringing peace and unification to body, mind, spirit and soul.

Nymphaea alba
Made with vodka water mix.

Included in standard set of 60
White Lotus is also a component of Water Excess.

This essence is about peace and tranquillity at all levels of consciousness.

Whereas the Tranquillity composite is aimed at a lack of ease in the body-mind, White Lotus is about being at peace at every level of our being. It mirrors the tranquillity that can be experienced in deep meditation when all barriers have dissolved.

Tensions, fears, beliefs and opinions are all released so that we can just be.

As an aid to meditation it can be very helpful in quieting the chattering mind. It can also act as an essence of purification by dissolving away things of our past that we no longer need. Its action may be mild or powerful, depending on circumstances.

As usual, it depends on our personal motivation. Like all the other flower essences, it can only help us as far as we are prepared to go. We must also bear in mind that there is a safe maximum speed to progress.

White Lotus mirrors our resting at peace, sitting in quiet wonderment at the true beauty of everything in this astonishing universe. In this peace, attitudes and opinions ease away - finally leaving only pure consciousness, pure awareness.

This flower represents the highest flowering of the human spirit when all that is unnecessary has fallen away.

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