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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

  • £1200

For those who sacrifice themselves in trying to live up to the expectations of others.

Hamamelis mollis
Made with vodka water mix.

Witch Hazel is also a component of Self Esteem.

Witch Hazel is for those who are always trying to live up to the expectations of others - the willing horses who are constantly trying to please their parents, teachers, partners, children, or whoever.

You may find them on committees: the eager-beavers who are always busy and always helpful. They feel that to let anyone down is to fail, so they drive themselves relentlessly.

This state often relates to childhood, when they felt that to keep their parents' approval they had to live up to their parents' expectations of them. This in turn gave rise to a conditioned response of always trying to gain the approval of others. They now need a wider view of the world, where they take their "mission" in life rather less seriously, ceasing to give themselves such a hard time.

Witch Hazel helps the mind to drop its dependence on this continual stimulation and thus breaks the vicious circle. With progressive quietening and ease, a completely new evaluation of their lives then becomes possible.

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