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Starter Set

Starter Set

  • £14000

This set has been launched as a cost-effective way to enable new users, professionals and non-professionals alike, to begin their use and knowledge of the Bailey Essences.

The set comprises the ten most used single essences, as confirmed by sales levels and discussion with Chris Bailey on their sphere of application. The same methodology was applied to the selection of the five combination essences.

One Starter Set comprises:

  • An attractive box, containing
  • Single Essences - Arizona Fir, Bistort, Conifer Mazegill, Magnolia, Oak, Pine Cones, Round-Headed Leek, Scarlet Pimpernel, Spring Squill, White Lotus;
  • Composite Essences - Cellular Memory, Grief, Grounding Essence, Shock and Trauma, Transition;
  • A set of 15 flower picture cards, ten showing the flower of the Single essences and five showing each of the flowers that form a part of the Combinations;
  • One copy of the Handbook of Bailey Essences.

All made with vodka water mix.

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