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Protection & Clearing Spray

Protection & Clearing Spray

  • £1250

Spray designed to clear negative energies and uplift the spirit. Perfect for spraying to clear a room between clients, or for general calm in the family home.

50ml spray - a special blend of flower essences and essential oils.

The Protection & Clearing Spray is a special blend of flower essences and essential oils designed to clear negative energies and uplift your spirit. A quick spray into all four corners and the centre of a room will clear negative energies and make both you and the whole room feel much lighter and brighter. We use it whenever we clean the house to raise the energy and to complete cleansing.

It is great to clear a space between activities. Practitioners use it between clients to keep the energies clear, and it is wonderful to use after arguments or unwanted visitors.

It contains the following ingredients in a base of spring water and vodka. The bottle is 50ml. The flower essences that are included are the same as those in the Protection & Clearing flower essence, should you prefer to make a spray with your own blend of oils.


Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)
For protection against negative outside influences, including psychic attack.

Giant Bellflower (Campanula latifolia)
The clarion call for change. It is the catalyst for action where old habits have been holding us back.

Lichen (Marchantia polymorpha L.)
To help us feel at ease and at one with our surroundings.

Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis)
For clearing negative energies within the person - particularly feeling of psychic dependence.

White Cherry (Prunus taihaku)
For cleansing. This essence helps past negative influences to loose their grip and be dissipated.


For opening up to love of the universe. It is a relaxant and helps to dissipate nervous tension.

For healing at many levels. Lavender is a cleansing and soothing oil that clears the mind and spirit and calms the body.

For energising and upliftment. Grapefruit is also very cleansing and is wonderful for dissipating odours. Even in small amounts, grapefruit encourages stale odours, energies and feelings to clear.

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